Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Friday...

Week 1 has come to end for us.  My little man did great getting into the routine after such a long summer break.  I know we were both ready for some structure - well, we are loosely structured here.  

Our Fridays are pretty relaxed around here.  We really just use it to finish any projects we have been working on, do some art & crafts, play games, read, and watch movies that go with what we studied this week.  Not saying we do all of those things every Friday, but that's some of the things we do.  If we take a "field trip", I'd also like to schedule them on Fridays. 

So, today we took a short trip to the town next to us (about 15 minutes away).  It has an Old Fashioned General Store that is always fun to spend time in.  My main reason for making the trip over there was to pick up Texas Postcards for a postcard swap facebook group we are part of.  

While we were there we got some bluebell icecream (yum) and played a game of checkers.  Usually our games are quick since my little man hadn't learned any strategy to his moves, but today our game took a good 30 minutes.  My little man was thinking 1-2 moves ahead (if I did this, then you could do this), I was impressed.  I had to actually play the game strategically...and I lost.  It got down to us just having kings and I kept putting my pieces in positions where he could double jump.  Next time little man, next time!

On our way out of the store we saw two racks full of silly sunglasses so it was a perfect photo op to close out our day.  ***My little man laughed when he saw the glasses in the bottom left corner.  He said "look mom - root beer float glasses!"  (made my heart smile - if they could just stay small forever.)***

I love spending my days with him!

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