Friday, August 23, 2013

The beginning of a blog...


I created this blog last year and had good intentions to use it to keep all our family updated on our first year of homeschool.  Well….that obviously did not happen.  But I feel more confident in our homeschooling and am determined to keep up with it (no really I do!) J

This is my 2nd year homeschooling my 8 year old son (little man).  We use a very eclectic curriculum that I have pieced together to best suit my son’s learning style, his strength’s and weakness, and also my teacher style.  *This year a friend’s son is joining us a few times a week to do our history and science with us.*  There is always a slight mystery behind homeschooling to people.  We as a society have almost been hard wired to think that only the public school system can educated our children. I admit it – homeschooling certainly is not for everyone – but for us it works – my son is happy and thriving in his homeschool education and what more could a parent ask for? 

I wanted to start this blog to allow our family and friends access into our world.  At first I wanted to use it for evidence – like “see we do school!” – I felt like I needed to justify and defend our choice to homeschool.  I feel like this summer as I was preparing for this school year I got such a sense of clarity and direction for us….and I got excited for school.  So my intentions for this blog have changed.  I want family and friends to see into our day – our many projects (Oh, we love projects!), and engage with my son – talk to him about what his working on, ask questions, teach him something you know about it – really the learning never stops, it’s endless.  I’m not really a write a long blog entry kind of girl (ok, this may seem long, but I have to set the ground work)….I’m more of a blurb and lots of pictures (with directions) kind of blogger. 

If you are another homeschooling family - I know homeschooling can be SO intimidating….choosing your own MASHUP of curriculum is even more intimidating.  But you can do it!  When other people are using a boxed curriculum (works for some, but not us) and you are scouring Pinterest in the wee hours of the morning searching for that “perfect” craft for a lesson….you have to remind yourself - you got this.  Remind yourself that you know in your heart and mind what is best for your child.  When the nay-sayers come (oh, and they will come) – stand your ground.  I am blessed to have a wonderful support system.  I have a hubby who after weeks of silent research and prayer I came to him and mentioned homeschool and he was on board.  And after we discussed and prayed about it and felt that this was the path God was leading our family – I left a full time and part time job and have never looked back.  We have a lot of people in our corner – cheering us on and it makes it so much easier.  You may not have that – but I can't express how important it is that you to find some encouraging people in your life.  If you are unable to find any in your community to connect with, find a group on Facebook.  The knowledge and encouragement of other homeschooling moms is so abundant and valuable in these groups.  And if you follow me….I pray I am an encouragement to you also – encouragement to keep going, push through the bad days and relish in the good because “you got this”!

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