Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our First Project

We survived day 1 AND day 2!  
Here's a look into our little homeschool world today...

Bible:  We watched "What's in The Bible" vol 1: In the Beginning

There is 2 episodes per volume, we are doing 1 episode a week and the other days are doing our devotionals and scripture/books of the bible memorization.  

After watching part 1: What is the Bible? we discussed some of the things we learned in the video.  What's in the Bible website has a set of flashcards you can print that go along with this volume.  I just copied their q&a into a word doc and asked the boys aloud.  If you would like to print a copy of the flashcards go here.

Then, I printed a copy of the OT books of the bible. We cut these up and glued each one to a big popsicle stick.  Now we can use them to help us memorize the books of the bible - by grouping them or putting them in order.  These type of things are good to have when you just need a "filler" activity while you are preparing the next lesson or to fill in the wait time if you have a child who finishes earlier than another.

Astronomy:  There are 14 lessons in our Astronomy Book, so we are going to take 2 weeks to complete a lesson.  This week we did the first half of Lesson 1: What is Astronomy? (Why did God create the Universe?, Calendar, and God's Signs).  We did some narration (really, just review questions answered aloud).  While I was reading, I had them color their cover for their Astronomy Notebook.  I used this  Planets Coloring Page but I cut/pasted the pic only and put "Astronomy Notebook" at top.

And then our first PROJECT....have I told you how much I love, love, LOVE projects!  So, we got to break out the clay!  I have a huge box of clay that I collected from thrift stores this summer which is great, because I don't hide my craft supplies (my little man has free reign on them all the time) and he makes clay objects just during his free time sometimes.

We discussed how astronomy was used as a calendar.  One example the book talked about was Stonehenge in England and how people could tell time/seasons from the shadows of the stones.  Our first official project: 

Mini Clay Model of Stonehenge  

Supplies needed:
(we used a almond can)
Floral Foam 
(bought a rectangle at the dollar tree - makes enough for 3)
Green Felt
(1 rectangle piece makes about 4)
Push Pins
(we tried tooth pics, but they wouldn't go through felt)
White and/or Grey Clay
(I recommend Sculpty Brand)
Construction Paper 
(Strip to act as a "label" on the can)
Picture of Stonehenge
(we used this picture for reference  Stonehenge )


Cut Floral Foam to fit inside can. Cut green felt a little bigger than can and cover top of floral foam with green felt (you may have to take a butter knife to push felt around edges - the extra felt being pushed on sides should hold it down and give a nice smooth "ground").  Using your picture as a reference, start making small rectangle like structures for the stones.  Then push the ball end of the pin into the bottom of the clay.  After you have made enough stones to resemble Stonehenge (we made enough to make it look like it) then you can bake the little stones so that they harden.  You will not have to bake very long since they are so small.  We skipped the baking altogether though.  After you have them how you want them, then you can arrange them by pushing the pin into the felt.  Then cut your construction paper for a label around your can.  I then printed "Stonehenge" that was glued to the front of the can and two facts were glued to the back of the can.  We used: Stonehenge is in England.  It's shadows were used as a calendar.  And that's it!

Sidenote:  The picture in the right hand corner of my little man is my favorite.  It makes me giggle that he is giving himself bunny ears!  Ooh, and you can see one of the many packs of clay on my table back there - yeah, got that for a $1 at a thrift store!

After all that fun....we had P.E. - okay, they swam (that counts) :)

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