Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Day "Not" Back to School - 3rd Grade

Today was our first day "not" back to school - oh, see what I did there, aren't I  It was a very long summer and very busy summer filled with taekwondo day camps (we did 5 week sessions), youth mission camp (my hubby is not only a high school teacher but also a part time youth minister), family visits (here & there) and lots more.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but I was exhausted.  I needed to get back to our normal daily schedule just to relax!  

Last year it was just me and my little man here at the house.  This year a friend's son who is the same age/grade as my son will be joining us 3 days a week to learn history and science with us.  We are all very excited.  It will be nice to have another child for my little man to work with.

Just like every other mom - I took a first day picture and am proud to say little man was NOT in pajamas!

And here is a picture collage of our day...

We designed and wrote in our journal notebooks, free reading, read alouds (me reading to him), reading eggs, and Story of the World (SOTW).

We started the introduction "How Do We Know What Happened?" of Story of the World and read What is History? on pages 1-3.  It talked about what history is and how to learn more about our family history.  After answering the review questions aloud in Activity Book page 1, we filled in and colored this family tree worksheet (I just copied/pasted/resized to fit my page).

and I had intentions to have little man interview his grandparents, but that may be another project.  Here is a list of questions you could pick and chose from if you did do this.

Well, that was our day.  How was yours?

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